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Main ingredient:Vanillin, maltol, pure milk fermentation products, coconut aldehyde, and sweeteners, attractant factors, silica gel, etc.

Product Features:This product is light red powder. It has got a rich and strong frankincense, and keeps long time. At normal temperature, after store hermetically for 70 days, the flavored feed also retains its flavor more than 90%.

Main function:

    1.Attractant effectFoison milk sweet101 is based on animal’s feeding behavior. Use animal’s favorite "milk fragrance" to stimulate their smell and “milk sweetness” to stimulate their taste, and balance "fragrance" and "sweetness" adequately. Then attract animals priority to snatch, stimulate their secretion of digestive fluid and gastrointestinal peristalsis, then stimulate their appetite.

    2.Improve palatability  Increase the milk fragrance in feed, improve feed palatability, help animals to identify the feed. Then increase feed intake, promote the growth.

    3.Relieve stress  Help to keep animals good appetite, relieve stress reaction on weaning, transfer group, vaccination, high temperature, and disease, etc, overcome the growth retardation.

    4.Cover up peculiar smells  Cover up or neutralize bad smells in feed, keep the same smell and taste of feed and the high quality feed, expand feed resources, increased the application of raw material or substitutes with poor palatability.

    5.Increase the marketability  The application of Foison Platinum Incense 850GD can effectively ensure the flavor of feed products, and has obvious synergies on the aroma intensity and pleasure of feed, improve the quality of products and enhance market competitiveness.

Application effect:

Scope:Apply to the feed of suckling pigs, piglets, fattening pigs and sows. Especially for suckling pigs and weaned piglets, its application effect is more effective. It can be used in powders, pellets, concentrates and premixes.

    1. Adding Platinum Incense can improve suckling piglets’ feed intake, daily gain and the unit weight. The economic benefits will increase 8.16%, 7.09% and 9% respectively, and the breeding cycle will shorten 8.9%.

    2. Adding Platinum Incense can improve fattening pigs’ feed intake, daily gain and unit weight. The economic benefits will increase 6.78%, 6.84% and 12% respectively, and the incidence will reduce 9%.

    3. Adding Platinum Incense can improve piglets’ growth rate of the whole period and unit weight. The economic benefits will increase 9.6% and 13.8% respectively, and the weight coefficient of variation and incidence will reduce 10% and 11% respectively.

Recommended dosage: Add 350g to 500g in per ton feed.

Note: The specific adding amount could change properly, according to the different of feed composition, seasons, regions, using situation, adding methods, etc. Better used in the premix and concentrates.

Usage: Mix with corn flour or other vegetable powder, then mix with other feed ingredients evenly.

Packing specification: 25kg. Aluminum foil bag.

Storage: Store hermetically in the dry place at room temperature. Avoid to mix with corrosive or aromatic goods.

Guarantee time: 18 month in normal temperature.

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