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Foison Platinum Fragrant 108

Component: natural extracts,Isoamyl acetate, butyric acid ethyl ester, Aspartame 

Physical character: light red powder; fresh,natural and pure fruit smell, banana sweet taste; high ability of diffusion;high palatability; strong first smell.


1. the fresh and purefruit smell and taste can stimulate the secrete of digestive liquid and actionof intestine system; increase the animal appetite and feed intake.

2. keep the feed in fresh,natural fruit smell and pure banana taste; improve the feed palatability andconsumption.

3. cover with abnormalsmell, increase the usage of by-products ingredients, especially the lowpalatability ingredients.

4. keep the feed smellvery well and increase the animal’s favoritism; improve the feed quality andmarket competitive.

Test result: the result showed:compare to the control group 500g/tonplatinum fragrant 630 inthe complete feed:

For the piglet feed: thefeed intake increased 8.16 + 0.51%, ADG (average daily gain) increased7.09 + 0.93%, the feed consumption decreased 5.18 + 0.76% for perkg body gain, the “favoritism exponent” was 1.28+0.11;

Grower and finish pigfeed: feed intake increased 6.76 + 0.69%, ADG increased 6.21 +0.42%, feed consumption decreased 5.02 + 0.82% per kg body gain, the “favoritismexponent” was 1.26+0.11..

Target animal: this product can be usedin baby pig, piglet, grower pig and finish pig feed, mash, pellet, concentrateand premix. The better result will come when used in concentrate or premix,especially combined with platinum sweet 600.

Dosage: 500-600g/ton for compete feed.

Note: the dosage can be adjustedaccording to the situation

Direction for use: premix with corn grainground or other plant powder, and then mix with other ingredients totally.

Packagesize: 25kg,aluminum-foil enclosed.

Store: cool and dry place, avoid any material corrosive or strong smell.

Guaranteetime: 18 month in normal temperature.



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Foison Platinum Fragrant 108
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