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  Organic acids in the diet, promote animal (pig, chicken, cattle and other animals) growth of intestinal disease, so as to gradually replace antibiotic function, has been confirmed in science. At the same time, in order to provide more security, human health and environmental protection products, widely used in the breeding process of acidification will gradually become the trend and direction of development.
The disadvantages of common acidifier:
  1, the irritation. Often cause feed heavy sour, the adverse effects of stimulation and palatability of livestock and poultry mucosa.
  2, corrosive, easy to moisture absorption is not stable. There is a strong corrosive to equipment feed factory; at the same time, easy to absorb moisture, acid sensitive to dietary vitamin (VD3, VB) damage.
  3, it is difficult to avoid the effect of basic raw materials in feed. The majority of feed raw materials (such as beans, fish meal, Bai calcium phosphate) were alkaline, and the maximum acidification acid, thereby reducing the acidifier titer.
  4, to enter the gut. Acidification agent intake must be strong acid environment, influence of the intestine and the environment, especially the pig small intestine length of 18 meters, 4 meters in the digestive system of large intestine, so long, how to maintain the effectiveness of organic acids in the gut?
  Platinum acid: silica gel adsorption technology, the real solution to the current addition of organic acid in the feed of the difficulties encountered, no stimulation, no corrosion, and in the long digestive tract (stomach, small intestine, large intestine segments) in release, prolong the action time and expand the scope of the full effect of acidification, organic acid effect play to the extreme.

The advantages of:
1, has the common acidifier acidification can not be achieved, can improve the feeding performance.
2, to solve the ordinary powder added in feed acidifier, invalid problem caused by the stimulation of mucosal tissue.
3, provide the acidification effect the whole digestive tract intact, prolong action time, the effect of increasing area.
4, the protection of the premix and acid sensitive component can not be damaged.
5, has the advantages of no corrosion, no moisture absorption and stability characteristics of a high degree of.
6, mixed feed, with mixed evenly, easy flow and characteristics of dust.
Recommended dosage:
Platinum acid.
  The use of stageConsumptionThe use of timeBenefits
1、Suckling pigletsAfter weaning, the nursery2-2.5KG/T2-4WeekMaintain intestinal health of piglets, reduce and control caused by weaning stress of piglets diarrhea.
2、SowPrenatal weeks weaning1-25KG/T4-5WeekTo reduce the harmful microorganisms emissions, the pigs get good protection.


Meat, chickenFull of or added1-1.5KG/TFull / stageControl of intestinal disease, adjust the intestinal health, improve the feed efficiency, improve egg quality.

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