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The scorching heat! High temperature season farm control pay attention to what?

   Good farm greening work
   Field in the region on both sides of the road planting poplar tall tree, pig in the middle of the free zone planting grass or green grass, reduce cement ground proportion, improve the field microclimate, and create a a cool environment.
   Do pig insulation work
   New pigsty and the transformation of the old barn, roof design spray device by foam, wood and other insulation materials as the heat insulation, weakened the sunshine radiant heat from the roof to happen in the transfer. Pig outside the sunny windows and vents installed shading or canopy, avoid direct sunlight to pigs or pig. To sunlight for a long time the walls with white heat insulation paint whitewash, or planting is easily attached to the walls of the vine, diminished sunshine radiant heat from the happen happen the outward transfer.
   Take measures to adjust measures to local conditions
   Hot and dry conditions, directly spray on the pig body, or flush the pig and pig ground. After the rain of hot and humid conditions, due to high humidity, should not be washed with water ring, to start the fan to enhance ventilation, pig wet exhaust gas. The public house built a small pool, regularly change the water, cooling bath for boar. Fattening pig house and pregnancy in piggery installation of spray cooling equipment, high temperature spray once per hour. The limit bar and the delivery room of the high position of the sow can take a drop of water temperature, according to the temperature, control the time and dripping speed. Drip cooling must be combined with ventilation, because only the evaporation of water can play a cooling effect, while reducing the delivery room humidity, to prevent diarrhea in piglets. Open house install cooling fan and industrial fan. Cold air blower with cold water, can improve air humidity. Industrial fan installed in the pigsty, can increase the cooling fan operation area and air flow rate, the two combined will play a better cooling effect. Economic conditions permit installation of environmental protection type in a pig farm advice, maternity homes and public housing nursery air conditioning. Air conditioning is cooling, ventilation and increased in the air containing oxygen and other functions, and is particularly suitable for small space unit pigsty use.
   Adjust feed formulation
   Under the environment of high temperature, pigs will be reduced feed intake, reduce body heat gain, caused by inadequate intake of energy, protein and other nutrients, directly affect the production performance of breeding pigs. Should therefore be appropriate to reduce dietary carbohydrate and crude protein content, in the feed to add 2-3% of the fat, improve lysine, valine, leucine, tryptophan amino acid levels to meet the pig in the reduction of food intake of nutrition need. Ensure the production capability. Strengthen feeding and management
   Under the condition of high temperature, pigs in evaporative cooling, guarantee sufficient cool water is effective measures to heatstroke; lower stocking density, increase pig heat dissipation area and space, prevent by keeping the high density and increase the heat stress; adjustment of lactating sows cast time and increase the number of times of the feeding, hot noon when feeding; increase ventilation efforts, all ventilation equipment fully open, enhance the intensity of air convection.
   Emergency treatment of heat stroke swine
   Under normal circumstances, farm fatness good fattening pigs, late pregnancy fetal weight sows and obstetric table on lactating sows, hot weather is easy to heat stroke. Once found swine heatstroke, should prompt the pigs had transferred to a cool ventilated place, is not easy to move with electric fan blowing, then soak in cold water wet towel in pigs suffer from head and neck heart, pure alcohol cotton wool soaked wipe the pig hair sparse abdominal and thigh, promote the affected pig blood circulation, expedite the heat dissipation rate until the restoration of the normal, then the following methods are symptomatic treatment.
   For a coma of the pig, the amount of ginger juice, garlic juice placed in front of the nose, let it be free to stimulate the nasal cavity, causing the patient to sneeze, and promote its recovery. At the same time with sodium camphorsulfonate + dexamethasone + vitamin C intramuscular injection. The Heartbeat tachycardia pig, pig ear tip, cut the tail blood 100 ml ~200 ml, to reduce the burden on the heart. At the same time, 5 ml ~10 ml water orally with shidishui. To the breathing difficulties of pigs, intravenous mannitol, to reduce the intracranial pressure and heart and lung burden, and then intravenous saline, to prevent dehydration. The excitement of the pig, intramuscular injection of chlorpromazine hydrochloride. If treated in a timely manner, after more than emergency treatment, the majority of patients with swine disease can be stable. For pigs, when the body temperature down, breathing stops, as long as the pen can be cool, slowly returned to normal. For sows, can be re entered 25% of glucose and 5% of sodium carbonate, to complement the physical, discharge toxins, to correct acidosis, so that their appetite to return to normal.

The scorching heat! High temperature season farm control pay attention to what?
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