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2012 China feed industry of animal husbandry science and technology achievements exhibition cum seminar held in Xiamen

  April 12, 2012 to 13, sponsored by the China Feed Industry Association, the national animal husbandry service "to promote the 2012 China Feed Industry Exhibition & animal husbandry science and technology will be held in Xiamen. Deputy minister, Ministry of agriculture, Chinese feed industry association Gao Hongbin, vice mayor of Xiamen City, Zhang Canmin, executive vice president of the national animal husbandry, China feed industry association and Secretary General Li Xirong, deputy director of the Ministry of agriculture Veterinary Bureau Zhang Hong, deputy director of the Agriculture Department of Fujian Province, Huang Huakang, Xiamen entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Chen Huazhong, the international feed industry association chairman Mario, executive vice president, Chinese feed industry association Hengxing Group Chairman Chen Dan, executive vice president, China feed industry association Wen's group chairman Wen Pengcheng, executive vice president of China Feed Industry Association, TangRenShen Group Chairman Tao Yishan, vice chairman of Chinese feed industry association Wang Suiyuan, deputy director of the national animal husbandry, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Feed Association of industry of Changsha jade saint, Kong Liang, this session of the General Assembly Special sponsor, Fujian Tianma feed group company chairman Chen Qingtang, attended the opening ceremony and China Feed Industry Association vice chairman Shao Genhuo, Huang Bingliang, Zhang Chunxin, Liu Xiaoyu, Lin Yinsun, Li Minyue, Hao Bo, Jin Weidong, Bao et al, Hu Baiyan and other representatives of the provinces (, vice president of the unit city, District, meter Draw a separate city) animal husbandry department (bureau), feed, feed quality inspection institutions feed industry association, responsible comrades attended the opening ceremony.
  The exhibition is divided into large-scale feed enterprises Pavilion, pavilion, feed additives, feed machinery exhibition, exhibition, pet feed group and media village five exhibition pavilions are connected into a whole, the overall effect is outstanding exhibition, at the same time for the million people visit the community, increase a lot of convenience;
The exhibition covers all aspects of feed industry include: feed raw materials, feed and feed additives products, pet food, animal feed, feed processing machinery and equipment and accessories, product quality testing and equipment, feed the microcomputer control system of hardware and software, the new technology of feed formula; feed industry of new technologies and new products and new technology; animal health care products, veterinary drugs and drug additives; livestock and poultry aquaculture processing equipment, animal husbandry machinery and equipment industry newspapers, websites and other media.
The country, from the United States, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Austria, India, South Korea, Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other 20 countries and Taiwan and Hongkong regions and nearly 400 domestic enterprises and the delegation to attend the exhibition, on display area of 3 square meters. Booth number 1526.
  Code for, DaBeiNong sponsored "into the DBN (Zhangzhou Science Park), Guangzhou Media Forum" sponsored "micro Bo Shan Ecological Enterprises Association" and "Angel yeast sponsored welfare state new product promotion game snow River", to promote the convention.
2012 China feed industry of animal husbandry science and technology achievements exhibition cum seminar held in Xiamen
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