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The palatability of feed utilization effect and improvement measures

  Animal feed through to obtain the necessary nutrients, to meet their own maintenance, growth and production, increase feed intake can better play the production potential of animal, pig, can maximize the meat production and meat quality. However, in the scale of farming conditions, pigs feed intake than actual decided varieties ideal intake is much lower. The premise of large-scale farming can not be changed, in order to improve the production performance of pigs, on the way to increase the feed intake of pigs and improve feed utilization rate. To improve the palatability of feed is a direct and effective way, to let the pig likes to eat feed, willing and active feeding.
1 the palatability of the feed and animal feeding physiology
  Palatability is a characteristic of feed flavor, texture, flavor and taste, is located at the end of animal foraging, feeding a set of actions and reactions of the basis, which is similar to the human in the pursuit of food. Animal feed palatability reflects is acceptable level, through the influence of animal's appetite to change the feed intake. Since the animal food intake can reflect the palatability of feed, so research on the influence of the palatability of feed utilization must first understand the feed intake of animal physiology.
  Animal feed is a complex set of activities, including feeding, identification, location aware, eating and swallowing process, and is regulated by the central nervous system, regulating process is as follows: the animal gastrointestinal tract emptying - hunger - nerve stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus - Hungry central efferent nerve conduction instruction - gastrointestinal feeding full of food - satiety - through the afferent nerve conduction to the ventromedial hypothalamic satiety center through efferent nerve instructions - stop eating. When the feed palatability, HERSHEY'S, pig's appetite is strong, which leads to the feeding quantity, improve the utilization rate of feed. When the poor palatability of feed, pig feed to is not good, even if the intake is not hungry. Feed palatability caused because pigs do not eat or eat less, which caused a lot of waste, feed utilization rate is very low.

The palatability of feed utilization effect and improvement measures
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